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Tips For Office Landscaping And Designing

Don’t underestimate the power of a good landscape model for your office. They have powers and return on investments that we probably never even imagined. A good office landscape design by a credible landscape architect Malaysia, can do absolute wonders for your company. We understand how a good design is a key to inspiring employees, increasing their motivation, work efficiency, and even productivity. Employees are likely to stay with a company that motivates them and good employees are attracted to your company without you have to acquire the cost of attracting them. 

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Let’s look at some amazing office landscape designs that are proven to create an optimal work environment. 

  1. Connecting with Nature and Seasonal Colours

The rage of greenery, lush flower beds and lawns did make it all over to 2021. Maybe even more so. With the pandemic, we are more reflective and attentive to outdoor lushness and greenery for cleaner air. Holistic experiences are more important to us than sitting in the stone walls of the workplace. When we add plants at various heights and of various patterns we are simply engaging the human being with nature. 

Patterns and colour are known to have visible impacts on the individual well being and mental health. TO attract the best of the employees and improve work performance focus on improving the ergonomic comfort of the employees through the connection to nature. 

Seasons are also should be part of our landscape designing. We can’t have the same yellow follower throughout the entire years. Enjoy seasonal colour rotation. You may wonder who will notice? well, people do. In fact, we are much more attracted to colours and we tend to remember them. Different colours have different impacts on our mood. A Blue sky can bring happiness and security while a grey sky can dim and depress us. 

  1. Outdoor Collaboration Spaces

Maybe working outdoors might give you the next big viral marketing idea. Outdoor collaborative spaces are known to psychologically motivate and inspire us. Fresh air can do a lot for our brainstorming. The sun and light can improve our decision making and bring us clarity. People are popularly known to change locations of meetings when they are stuck in a rut. 

  1.  Water Features

Cool water features such as mini fountains and pools can be refreshing to look at. Fish ponds or some marine life is entertainment that can keep us engaged. I used to love feeding the tortoise and koi fishes living in my university pond. It kept me motivated to come into the university to do my meetings and even the extra studying. The same can be applied to office landscaping as well. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Watering Practises 

Another cool feature of water is ensuring the eco-friendliness of it. When watering the plants and the huge green lawn, and the exquisite flower bed, we may need eco-friendly watering situated. This helps takes off years of expenditure on watering and maintenance of it. It also promotes sustainable landscaping and sustainable decision making in the employees as well. 

  1. Experiential Outdoor Landscape 

An experiential landscape leads to the connectivity of people to the environment. This can be done through establishments of walking paths, tiny mazes, jogging areas, exercise benches and areas for cooking and barbequing with co-workers. Outdoor heaters, wifi and multi sensory features can improve our experience in the work space.

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