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Dorothy Keeler a homeless woman became the second Genesee River victim.

Shawcross had met Dorothy when she worked as a waitress in a diner that he frequented. The two struck up a friendship, which had quickly turned into an affair. On a fine afternoon, Arthur was on his way to the river to fish when he stopped to talk to Keeler. When she found out where he was going she asked if he would take her with him, he agreed.

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According to Shawcross, they spent the morning fishing and making love until around midday when it started to rain. They huddled under a crude shelter that he had built and shortly after got into an argument about her stealing money and about his relationships with Clara and Rose.

He claims that when she threatened to tell the other women about their affair he became angry and picked up a small log and beat her on the side of the head killing her instantly. After hiding her body under a fallen tree he returned home. He later told police that he returned to the spot several months later and removed the skull and dumped it in the river.

Fishermen eventually found Keeler’s remains but Shawcross was never connected with the woman even though he had been seen with her regularly and often went to the fishing spot where he had left her body.

Her severed skull is missing to this day.

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