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tracy habersham victim - HABERSHAM Tracy

Family members of murder victims who police say Paul Durousseau killed are still trying to come to terms with their traumatic losses.

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The grandmother of one of Durousseau’s victims said she wants him to pay the ultimate price.

Victoria Williams said she has fond memories of her granddaughter, Nichole Williams, 18, whose body was discovered in December.

“I think they should kill him. He took my grand baby away. Why should he live?” Williams told Channel 4’s Damany Lewis.

Along with Nichole’s murder, police charged Durosseau with killing four other young Jacksonville women: 20 year-old Nikia Kilpatrick, Shawanda McCalister, 17 year-old Jovanna Jefferson, and 19 year-old Surita Cohn. Police say Dourseau is also linked to the death of a Georgia woman, Tracy Habersham, 27.

The relatives of the victims said Doursseau’s arrest brings relief but also pain.

“I just don’t understand how he could kill the girls like that,”Williams said.

Relatives said they must try to slowly move on and close one difficult chapter in their families’ lives, but they said there will always be a void in their hearts after losing their loved one.

“She was sweet, fun loving, always makes you laugh, always makes you laugh. She was my best friend,” Erica Thorpe, the aunt of one victim said.

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