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  • 104763862 donegan3 1 500x371 - The Forgotten Victims
    Serial Killer Victims

    The Forgotten Victims

    Nobody talks about the most forgotten victims of criminals – their families. Not only did they loose a family member as well as the victim´s families, they also feel all sort of blame. While the…

  • images 1 - KENNY Anna

    KENNY Anna

    Twenty-year-old Anna Kenny was last seen alive as she left the Hurdy Gurdy bar in Townhead, Glasgow, on 6 August, 1977. She disappeared after a night out with a friend at the…

  • images 1 1 - KEELER Dorothy

    KEELER Dorothy

    Dorothy Keeler a homeless woman became the second Genesee River victim. Shawcross had met Dorothy when she worked as a waitress in a diner that he frequented. The two struck up a…

  • 62370037 horror scene van de vrouw met mes achter in lood of vuile vensterglas seriemoordenaar of geweld conc - HABSCHIED Anja


    They left a backpacker hostel in Kings Cross, in Sydney’s inner east, aiming to travel to Adelaide, then on to Darwin,  They were’t seen alive again.  Gabor Nevqebaver was found strangled  – there…

  • 62370037 horror scene van de vrouw met mes achter in lood of vuile vensterglas seriemoordenaar of geweld conc - HABERSHAM Tracy


    Family members of murder victims who police say Paul Durousseau killed are still trying to come to terms with their traumatic losses. See also: ABIGOSIS Yvonne Marlene The grandmother of one of…

  • NO SERIAL KILLERS PH 2 JAN2019 500x380 - GADDIS Miranda

    GADDIS Miranda

    Miranda was born November 18, 1988, in Oregon City. She attended Gardner Middle School and dreamed of becoming a model one day. Miranda belonged to a dance team and was described by friends as being…

  • NO SERIAL KILLERS PH 2 JAN2019 500x380 - GABBERT Sandra Kay

    GABBERT Sandra Kay

    Murder Victim. Daughter of Nancy Gabbert. Sandra was last seen in April of 1983 on Pacific Highway South near South 142nd Street. Her body was found in April 1984 at the Star…

  • the killing thumb 500x380 - FEENEY Maureen Sue

    FEENEY Maureen Sue

    Murder Victim. Maureen was raised with her eight siblings. She was last seen in September 1983. She had only a month before left the family home to live in an apartment, she…

  • the killing thumb 1 500x380 - FEDERER Kassie
    F, Serial Killer Victims

    FEDERER Kassie

    On Oct 16, 2018 Authorities issued a warrant for 49-year-old Travis Green, alleging first-degree murder and aggravated burglary after matching his DNA to a glove that was left at the scene of…

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